Potato, Spring-Onion and Pea Soup

January 18, 2018

I’ve definitely been feeling the winters bite this week, and without wanting to stereotype, the Irish in me instantly wants potato dishes of all kinds when it gets cold. There is something just so comforting about creamy mash, crusty roasts or this heavenly potato soup, my twist on the classic potato and leek. The best thing about this is how easy it is to make and how cheap the ingredients are. The quantities below are for a large pot of soup, enough for 6-8 large bowls, but it is perfect for freezing and also easily adapted to make less.




  • 50g salted butter

  • 2 bunches spring onions, trimmed and roughly chopped

  • 1kg potatoes, peeled and cubed*

    ​* I used Maris Piper, but whatever you have in the cupboard should work.

  • 1.5L vegetable stock*

    *I used my homemade vegetable stock, the recipe for it can be found here, but if you don’t fancy making your own stock or don’t have the time, use two/three shop bought stock cubes to make 1.5L stock, just take care when seasoning your soup as most shop bought cubes come with a lot of added salt.

  • 100g garden peas*

    *Fresh or frozen

  • 100ml double cream or crème fraîche




Add the butter to a large pan over a medium heat and once melted, add most of the spring onions. Hold a handful back for garnish. Gently fry the onions until they are soft.


Add your chopped potatoes and season well.


Add the vegetable stock, bring the mix to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Cover the pot and simmer for 20-25 minutes until the potatoes are very soft. Add your peas and remove the pot from the heat.


Let the mix cool slightly, and then blend until well combined using a stick blender, or in batches using a food processor. Add your double cream (or crème fraîche for a healthier alternative) and mix well.


Ladle your soup into warmed bowls and add a small handful of the chopped spring onions you kept asside. Serve it with my classic soda bread, the recipe for which can be found here, or any crusty bread will do the trick.Enjoy!



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